Why you're afraid to fundraise for your mission trip (and how to overcome it)
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Why you're afraid to fundraise for your mission trip (and how to overcome it)

Are you afraid to fundraise for your mission trip?

Fundraising is everyone's favorite part of a mission trip, right? ...Wait, it's not? What is it about fundraising that we dislike so much? If your answer is, "I just don't like asking people for money," then keep reading.

One thing we all fear

Me: "Excuse me, sir."
Sir: "Yes?"
Me: "Would you like to donate to my mission trip?"
Sir: "No."
Me: "Ok, no problem. I'm just gonna curl up in the fetal position and cry for a couple of days."

Mission trips are intensely personal. They involve our faith, our time, our money, and our passion. So, when we ask people to support us, we're inviting them to be a part of a really personal journey. Often times we're exposing our heart and our "calling."

This wouldn't be a problem except that most of us struggle with one huge thing: what other people think about us.

Rejection stinks

If you ask someone to support you and they don't, what went wrong? Do they think your mission trip isn't a good cause? Do they think you're unfit to go? Do they think you're just trying to go on vacation? What if other people think the same thing?

Writing a support letter

The tension and dislike we have for fundraising feels like it stems from the "asking for money" part. But, if everyone you ever talked to joyfully supported your mission trip, would fundraising be so terrifying? Not at all. It's the fear of what people think and the possibility of rejection that makes fundraising so frightening. The good news is that this feeling is completely normal!

But now it's time to move past normal.

Punching fear in the face (and turning it into confidence)

Do you really believe that God wants you to go on a mission trip? If you do, then He's also calling you to go through the support raising process. Raising support is just another step of obedience that you need to take to follow what God is putting in front of you.

If you believe that God wants you to go, then have confidence. This is where overcoming fear starts. If your confidence currently lies in the hands (and wallets) of the people around you, then you're going to have a bad fundraising experience. You'll get excited when someone supports you, and discouraged when someone turns you away. Overcoming fear lies in the realization that God is your source of support, and that He is to be relied on. Not your family, friends or Facebook acquaintances

Think about it

If you're afraid of fundraising, where does your confidence lie? In the hands and wallets of the people around you, or in the One who is sending you?

Written by CJ