Über practical fundraising: Start a blog (7 steps)
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Über practical fundraising: Start a blog (7 steps)

Here's how to start a blog to raise support for your mission tripThis idea is all about building community. With a blog you can invite people into your trip experience right from the start, instead of just the 10 days you're abroad. You can write about almost anything (how you found the trip you're going on, your fears of traveling abroad, etc.). No matter what you write about, you're sure to build community (and support) by inviting people to walk with you throughout your entire journey.

Time Required

20 minutes to set up + 30 minutes per blog post

How to pull it off

Step 1: Visit Wordpress.com.

Step 2: Click on “Create Website.” You will begin by coming up with an name for your site. Something like RachelGoesToHonduras.wordpress.com works well! Then fill out the information required (email address, username, etc.)

Step 3: Pick your Blog’s theme, title, etc. You can skip the paid options like a custom URL, and be sure to select Wordpress's “Free” blog option.

Step 4: After your blog is set up, click on the “My Site” tab at the top. There's a lot of info on this page. Try not to get overwhelmed! Your primary buttons on this page are in the left hand column: View Site (to see how your blog looks to the public), and Blog Posts.

Step 5: On the right side of the page click on “Blog Posts.”

Step 6: Delete the default post of “Hello World.” To write your first blog post, click on the pencil icon on the toolbar at the top of the screen. Write your first blog post, introducing your trip to friends and family. Don't worry about things like tags, categories, etc. Keep it simple!

Step 7: Pick a blogging schedule and stick to it (once per week is a good pace).

A Wordpress blog is a great way to raise a support community for your mission tripHow much money can I raise?

This idea primarily builds awareness and community around you and your trip. Your blog tells your unique mission trip story, which draws people in to what you’re doing and what God is doing. From there, a portion of your friends and family will choose to financially support you. However, it’s hard to pinpoint just how many will feel led to give.

This works best for...

This works great for those that don’t feel like they have a huge network of people to invite to fundraising event. This also works greats for those that are naturally introverted. A blog is a step in the “social” direction without being overwhelming.

Pro tips

You don’t need to pay for your blog. Use Wordpress’s free URL (it’ll look like this: RachelGoesToHonduras.wordpress.com). Use Wordpress’s free “Beginner” blog (not the Premium or Business).

Don't get too caught up in how the blog looks. Pick a decent (free) theme and go with it! You don't have to spend 3 hours tweaking colors and styles.

Remember that everything you write is public. This doesn’t mean you need to freak out. Just be wise about what you share (don’t share too much personal info on your public blog).

Your posts don’t need to be too long. Short posts that are easy and quick to read are more likely to actually be read by your friends and family.

Post a link to your fundraising site on your “About” page (if you choose to have one) and a link at the end of every blog post.

Every time you post a blog, share it with your friends on social media, encouraging them to read and get involved.

Ready, set, go

It’s time to get started! You can do it. Remember: God knows exactly how much money you need to fundraise. And He’s not worried about it. So get out there, have some fun, and enjoy the process.

Note: Prepare My Mission is not affiliated with Wordpress.com, and they have not paid to be listed or recommended. We are just passionate about helping you raise the support you need for your mission trip.

Written by CJ