Über practical fundraising: Seek local business sponsors (6 steps)
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Über practical fundraising: Seek local business sponsors (6 steps)

Here's how to find local business sponsors to help support your mission tripA lot of times local businesses are willing to support what their community members are up to. Many businesses even have community donations built into their budgets. Contacting a handful of your favorite local businesses can be a great way to raise support.

Time Required

1 afternoon visiting local businesses in your community

How to pull it off

Step 1: Make a list of 10 local businesses that you visit on a regular basis. Possible places could include local coffee shops, restaurants, grocers, and specialty shops.

Step 2: Print out several copies of your support letter to leave with each business.

Step 3: Visit each business on your list. Since these are businesses and shops that you already frequent, talk to whom you already know that works there. If you don’t know anyone, ask to chat with a manager.

Step 4: Briefly explain your opportunity to him or her, and how a contribution from their business would impact you and the people you plan to serve.

Step 5: Leave your support letter with them. Make sure your contact and giving information is clearly stated in the letter.

Step 6: Follow up with a phone call one week later if you don’t hear anything back from the business.

How much money can I raise?

When local businesses donate to individuals, it’s usually between $100-$400. If you talk to ten different businesses and 3 end up supporting you, raising $300-$600 is common.

This works best for...

This works great for people that are heavily involved in their communities. If you live in a small town “where everyone knows everyone,” you’ll have the best results when you visit your local businesses to ask for support.

Pro tips

Focus on local businesses. Trying to get in touch with large businesses or corporations is more of a hassle than it's worth.

Stay focused on businesses that you have a relationship with (businesses that you frequent). Just like asking friends and family to support you, people usually only donate to people that they know. The same goes for businesses.

Avoid the temptation to simply call or email businesses. Visiting businesses in-person will leave a greater impact than a quick call or email that can be easily forgotten or overlooked.

Modify and tailor your support letter to specifically address businesses (instead of friends and family).

Ready, set, go

It’s time to get started! You can do it. Remember: God knows exactly how much money you need to fundraise. And He’s not worried about it. So get out there, have some fun, and enjoy the process.

Written by CJ