Uber practical fundraising: Make a “Pick a Number” board (4 steps)
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Über practical fundraising: Make a “Pick a Number” board (4 steps)

Here's how to set up a Pick a Number boardA “Pick a Number” is a large board with a bunch of numbers on it. The numbers include every number from 1-70 (or however many numbers you choose). The idea is that friends and family can "pick a number" to donate. Once someone picks a number, that number is taken off the board (or X'ed out).

Time Required

3 hours to build + 30 days of time for the “Pick a Number” to work

How to pull it off

Step 1: Visit your local crafts store or office supply store. Pickup supplies to build your board, getting as creative as you can! Make sure you get plenty of small envelopes or cards to be your board’s “numbers.”

Step 2: Creatively build your board. Be sure to include information on your board about your trip and how picking a number will impact you and the people you will to serve on your mission trip.

Step 3: Set up your board at church, school, or work. (Be sure to get the appropriate permission before setting it up.)

Step 4: Leave your board up for about 30 days. By that point hopefully most (if not all) of the numbers will have been taken and “donated.”

How much money can I raise?

How much money you raise depends on the number of numbers you put on your board. (Adjust up or down depending on the funds you hope to raise.) 

Creative pick a number boardThis works best for...

This works great for anyone that knows how to use the Internet. (Hey, that’s you!) You don’t have to be tech-savvy to set this up.

Here’s an example: If your board has 70 numbers, and all of them are taken you'll raise $2,485. If only half of the numbers are taken, you'll still raise over a thousand dollars! (And no single person had to give more than $70.)

Pro tips

Be as creative as you can. The more creative you are, the more likely you’ll be in attracting the interest of others.

If you plan to use envelopes on your board, include a small donation box next to your board, to make it easy for donors to take a number and give their donation. If donations need to be made online, put online giving instructions on the back of the numbers.

If a physical board in your church, school, or workplace isn’t possible, try doing a “digital board.” Make your board, take a picture of it, and upload it. “X” out numbers as donations are made. Then, send out weekly updates via email and social media along with a picture of your updated board.

Ready, set, go

It’s time to get started! You can do it. Remember: God knows exactly how much money you need to fundraise. And He’s not worried about it. So get out there, have some fun, and enjoy the process.

Written by CJ