Über practical fundraising: Host a date night fundraiser (4 steps)
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Über practical fundraising: Date night fundraiser (4 steps)

Here's how to set up a date night fundraising eventBabysitting pays pretty well on its own, but hosting a “Date Night Fundraiser” can multiply your fundraising potential really quickly. Instead of babysitting one child for one family, babysit for several families at once while their parents go out for a Date Night.

Time Required

1 hour of planning 2 weeks in advance + 4 hours of babysitting

How to pull it off

Step 1: Pick a “Date Night” a couple of weeks ahead of time. Set your hours and price. (Example: 6-10pm, $50).

Step 2: Create flyers. Include information like a “drop off” address, games you’ll have for the kids, and what you’ll give the kids for dinner (mac & cheese is inexpensive and kids love it). Be sure to include brief information about your mission trip and where the funds will be going. Ask families to RSVP so that you know how many kids to prepare for.

Step 3: Hand out flyers to families at church and your neighbors. (Hand out flyers at school or work, if it’s appropriate.)

Step 4: Host the Date Night!

How much money can I raise?

If you charge $50 for the Date Night and have 6 families participate, you’ll raise $300.

This works best for...

This works great for those that don’t feel like they have a huge network of friends and family. You only need a handful of families to participate for this to be successful.

This works best for those that are already comfortable working with kids. If you’re a 19 year-old guy that has never worked with children before (let alone 6 kids at once), this may not be for you.

Pro tips

Consider partnering with another friend or two that’s going on the mission trip with you. With several of you promoting the event and helping keep kids under control, you’ll be able take care of more kids. Plus, it’ll be a lot more fun babysitting alongside friends.

Ready, set, go

It’s time to get started! You can do it. Remember: God knows exactly how much money you need to fundraise. And He’s not worried about it. So get out there, have some fun, and enjoy the process.

Written by CJ