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Prepare My Mission Podcast

Every month we release a new podcast (from the purple room)! Tune in to find out what's going on in the world of missions, learn from helpful conversations, and get answers to your burning questions. Listen to the most recent episode by clicking play below, or listen to a previous episode of the podcast by clicking the link.

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Podcast Notes & Previous Episodes

EPISODE 39: 8 Reasons to go on a mission trip in 2016 (or any other year)

EPISODE 38: What we should DO (not just say) in response to the refugee crisis

EPISODE 37: Our interview with two long-term missionaries from Southeast Asia

EPISODE 36: The dangers of having a “savior complex” during your mission trip

EPISODE 35: How social justice could ruin your next mission trip

EPISODE 34: Do mission trips create dependency?

EPISODE 33: Our mission trip to Honduras (Part 2)

EPISODE 32: Our mission trip to Honduras (Part 1)

EPISODE 31: How much do you know about Honduras? [Trivia Game]

EPISODE 30: Preparing our minds and hearts for our upcoming mission trip

EPISODE 29: When we love missions more than God

EPISODE 28: How to build a mission field at school or work

EPISODE 27: What does evangelism look like on a mission trip?

EPISODE 26: How to avoid burnout in the missions world

EPISODE 25: How to ruin your mission trip team culture (and how not to)

EPISODE 24: Should we care about what’s going on in the Middle East?

EPISODE 23: What we learned from kids in Africa

EPISODE 22: 6 Lies we tell ourselves that keep us from serving

EPISODE 21: 10 Odd fundraising ideas that might just work

EPISODE 20: The one question that reveals where God wants you to serve

EPISODE 19: 6 Ways to get long-term impact from a short-term trip

EPISODE 18: Are you overrated?

EPISODE 17: Name that country trivia game

EPISODE 16: 9 Must-have gear items for any mission trip abroad

EPISODE 15: How to stay missions-focused as you get older [December 2014]

EPISODE 14: 3 Questions to tell if you're ready for a mission trip [October 2014]

EPISODE 13: Our story: trying to bring real life and missions life together [September 2014]

EPISODE 12: 4 Phases everyone goes through after an international mission trip [August 2014]

EPISODE 11: What you should ask yourself before your mission trip [July 2014]

EPISODE 10: Don't drink the water (and 6 other ways to stay healthy on your mission trip) [June 2014]

EPISODE 9: Are international mission trips a waste of time and money? [May 2014]

EPISODE 8: 7 Things NOT to pack for your mission trip [April 2014]

EPISODE 7: 3 Parts of a simple testimony [March 2014]

EPISODE 6: Don't write a terrible support letter [February 2014]

EPISODE 5: 5 Barriers to overcome when visiting a new country [January 2014]

EPISODE 4: 8 Apps to download before your mission trip [December 2013]

EPISODE 3: 10 Fundraising ideas you haven't thought of [November 2013]

EPISODE 2: 5 Things you can do now to stay safe on your mission trip [October 2013]

EPISODE 1: Why you're NOT going on a mission trip [September 2013]

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