Episode 8: 7 Things NOT to pack for your mission trip
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EPISODE 8: 7 Things NOT to pack for your mission trip [April 2014]

In this episode we talk about 7 things not to pack for your mission trip, discuss current happenings in the world of missions, answer a listener's question about airport security, and tell you about our sweet new Instagram account.

Episode Notes:

>> Hotspot in Ukraine: Everything you need to know about Crimea, Russian troops pull back from Ukraine border...

>> Check out the Secret Church: SecretChurch.org

>> Mission Network News: Domestic Mission Trips to Detroit

>> The Gospel Coalition: Being a Missions-Centered Local Church

>> Download: 2014 Mission Trip Prep Guide

>> New Article: 3 Simple steps to develop your testimony

>> New Headlamps: Check 'em out!

>> Our new Instagram!

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