Episode 7: 3 Parts of a simple testimony
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EPISODE 7: 3 Parts of a simple testimony [March 2014]

In this episode we talk about 3 parts of a simple testimony, discuss current happenings in the world of missions, answer a listener's question, and tell you how you can get your hands on a free solar charger!

Episode Notes:

>> Hotspot in Ukraine: Ukraine's unrest

>> Hotspot in South Sudan: South Sudan's civil war

>> Human trafficking in Brazil: Sporting events create the perfect storm in Brazil (Organizations mentioned: Exodus Cry, ReachGlobal)

>> The Gospel Coalition: Missionaries Should Communicate, and Churches Should Demand It

>> New Article: 6 Ways to improve your mission trip support letter

>> New Field Tests Video: Bushnell Solar Charger

>> For your chance at a free solar charger, email: cj@preparemymission.com

>> Team Mission Trip Kits: Outfit your team with the gear they need

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