Episode 31: How much do you know about Honduras? [Trivia Game]
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EPISODE 31: How much do you know about Honduras? [Trivia Game]

Episode 31: How much do you know about Honduras? [Trivia Game]In this episode we have some fun by playing a trivia game! This trivia game is all about Honduras in preparation for our trip to Honduras in just a few days. Tune in to find out who wins.

Episode Notes: 

>> All 20 trivia questions are posted below. Listen to the episode to learn the correct answers and find out who wins.

1) What is a Baledada?

2) Which current player on the Braves 40-man roster was born in Honduras?

3) What holiday is celebrated in Honduras on April 14th?

4) What is Honduras’s largest export?

5) Honduras was the first country to be called by which name?

6) The minimum wage for an agricultural worker in Honduras is what US dollar amount?

7) What percentage of Honduras is covered in mountains?

8) What is the meaning on “Honduras”?

9) True or False: Honduras has more coral reefs than Australia?

10) What do the five stars on the Honduras flag represent?

11) When does “fish rain” take place?

12) La Ceiba, the port city on the northern coast on Honduras, where we will be visiting, is also known as the _____ Capital of Honduras.

13) What is the currency “lempira” named for?

14) What percent of Hondurans live on $2 or less per day?

15) What was recently nominated as one of the new seven wonders of the world?

16) The Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, the second largest barrier reef in the world, has its southern end off the coast of Honduras. Divers there can see many interesting animals, including which of the following?

17) True or False: The airport in Tegucigalpa was named the most dangerous airport in the world?

18) Honduras is about the same size as which US state?

19) Of the 110 mammal species found in Honduras, half are what?

20) According to TripAdvisor.com, the number 1 rated restaurant in La Ceiba is…?

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