9 Odd fundraising ideas that might just work
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Odd fundraising ideas that might just work

9 Odd fundraising ideas that might just work

Sometimes the best approach to fundraising is creativity. Thinking outside the box can give your fundraising efforts the boost that you need to raise your support. Here are 9 odd (but creative!) ideas that just might help you raise the support that you need for your mission trip!

1) March Madness bracket pool

Most mission trips take place during the summer, which means the best time to fundraise is during the spring. And spring means March Madness.

Setting up a March Madness pool on ESPN or CBS Sports can be a great way to raise support for your mission trip. If you ask for a $10 donation to join your bracket pool, and you have 30 friends join, you will raise $300. You can offer a $50 gift card to the winner to encourage your friends to join.

2) Crossfit fundraiser

If you belong to a CrossFit gym, you have a great opportunity to raise community and support from your fellow CrossFit members. CrossFit gyms tend to have tight-knit communities, which are terrific environments to raise support for your mission trip. At a CrossFit gym, you can create a fundraising event that includes a WOD competition, free food, cookout, etc. If you decide on a WOD competition, you can ask for “Entry Donations” (maybe around $20).

If you have an Entry Donation price of $20 and have 20 participants, you will raise $400. You can also invite your non-CrossFit friends to join in. This is a win-win for you and the CrossFit gym. It gives the gym exposure to potential new gym members, and increases your fundraiser turnout.

Odd fundraising idea number 2: CrossFit Fundraiser3) Hairless for hundreds

...Or you could do Hairless for Haiti or Hairless for Honduras. The possibilities are endless! This idea is simple (and mainly for the guys). Spread the word on social media that you will shave your head for a certain amount of donations (maybe like $300). Encourage your friends to donate online, and then when your donations reach that mark, shave your head (get it on video!) and post it on social media. Similar to the Ice Bucket Challenge, this is a silly action that raises awareness for a great cause.

4) Game tournament

Does your home, college, church, or workplace have a game room? Take advantage of that space! Host a game tournament night! Ping-Pong, foosball, and pool make great tournament games. Ask for “entry donations” (maybe around $10) and then offer a prize or gift card to the winner of each game's tournament.

5) Guessing game

The classic guessing game can be a really effective way to raise funds for your mission trip. Set up a jar of M&M's or skittles at your church, school, or workplace. Ask for a $2 for each guess. The winner gets the jar of candy!

If you want to take your guessing game to the next level, try a “Hidden Treasure” guessing game. In this guessing game, you set up a map (like a poster) and pick a location to “hide” the treasure. Write down the treasure's location and seal in an envelope next to the map. Participants can buy pins and stick them in the map to guess where the location is. Closest pin to the hidden treasure wins!

Here's a list of 9 odd fundraising ideas that might just work6) Date night fundraiser

Babysitting pays pretty well on its own, but hosting a “Date Night Fundraiser” can multiply your fundraising efforts really quickly. Instead of babysitting one child for one family, babysit for several families at once while their parents go out for a Date Night. You can raise $300 in one night! Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to set up a Date Night fundraising event.

7) Crockpot cook-off

This is an old-school idea that might just be classic enough to get everyone excited about supporting your mission trip. The idea is simple. Find a handful of people that love to cook, and challenge them to make their best crockpot dish. Then, invite your friends and family (even better if you can invite your whole church group), to join in and taste test everyone's creation for a $10 donation to your mission trip. Have everyone vote on his or her favorite dish, and then offer a prize or gift card to the winning crockpot!

8) Trivia night

This one is simple and a lot of fun. With a little prep, Google can help you find a lot of fun trivia questions. Then host a trivia night at your house with an entry donation of $10 per person. Form teams and let the trivia begin! If you have 30 friends participate, you could split into six teams (five people on each team). Offer a prize, gift card, or cash to the winning team to split. Be sure to have plenty of chips and dip!

9) Part-time job

Sometimes the most effective way to raise funds for your trip is to put your hands to work. Bagging groceries, mowing lawns, and doing odd jobs for your parents (if you’re still in high school or college), can go a long way in providing the support you need. Don't worry if the job is lame or doesn't pay much. Stay focused on why you're doing it and the purpose behind the work.

Putting it all together

There's no silver bullet when it comes to fundraising, but picking a couple of ideas and giving it your best shot can usually take you pretty far. Have fun, don't be intimidated by the process, and remember that God is in control.

Written by CJ