9 Must-have World Race items that you might be forgetting
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Must-have World Race items that you might be forgetting

9 Must-have World Race items that you might be forgettingClothes, toothbrush, sleeping bag, tent... You have those items covered. But are you forgetting anything? Here are 9 must-have items that will really come in handy on your World Race experience. 

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1) Antimicrobial Towel

Let's face it. The World Race get's a little smelly and dirty. Every now and then you're going to want to freshen up. That's where this special type of towel comes in handy. An "antimicrobial" towel is different from your bathroom towel at home.

You know how your bathroom towel at home smells after about a week? That's because it's not antimicrobial. As bacteria in your towel grow, it smells (bacteria is smelly).

An antimicrobial towel is one that is designed not to breed bacteria, which means it won't smell after prolonged use! This makes it perfect for racers that don't want a smelly towel after week one abroad.

2) Buff Headwear

You're going to spend a lot of time outside on your World Race trip. This means two things: sun and sweat. Buff headwear helps with both of these issues. First, Buff headwear has built in UV protection. No need to apply sunscreen underneath it.

A few of the ways you can wear Buff Headwear.Second, Buff headwear wicks away sweat. Unlike cotton bandanas that get saturated and hold your nasty sweat against your forehead, Buff headwear is made out of sweat-wicking, stretchy polyester. This helps keep you cool, comfortable, and less smelly (sweat smells, man).

3) First Aid Kit

What most people think is, "I'm sure someone else will have a first aid kit." This is a bad first aid plan. If something happens during your 11 months abroad, you need to be ready.

Whether it's a small cut or scrape, or it's a more serious situation, you need to be able to take care of yourself (and the others in your squad). A small first aid kit with bandages, antiseptic wipes, aspirin, and medical tape will get you through most first aid situations.

4) Spork

The Spork is the most useful invention in all of human history. Ok, this may be a stretch (pizza was a pretty awesome invention), but it's still incredibly useful. Whether your "to go" lunch came without silverware, your flimsy plastic airplane silverware snaps, or you need an extra spoon for sharing some ice cream, the spork comes in handy. 'Nuff said.

Headlamps are handy after dark.5) Headlamp

Electricity in some parts of the world can be intermittent (or nonexistent). When you're camping on the World Race, a headlamp is definitely a must-have. The hands-free lighting of a headlamp makes crawling around your tent much easier.

A headlamp will come in handy when you stay in hostels, too. Electricity sometimes goes out, especially in more remote hostels. Keeping a headlamp with you means you'll never be stuck in the dark.

6) Purification tabs

In many developing parts of the world, clean drinking water is not readily available. This means you'll be drinking a lot of bottled water. However, if you run out of bottled water while you're out on the mission field, you'll want to be prepared.

Running out of drinking water is a situation you never want to be in. Purification tabs are tablets that dissolve in any water you find (like stream water), and make it suitable to drink (by killing bacteria and viruses). Purification tabs are perfect because they're extremely lightweight and packable. You won't even remember that you have them ...Unless you end up needing them. 

Power up anywhere in the world.7) Solar Charger

Whether you're on the grid or off of it, powering electronics is important. Your camera, your cell phone, and your iPod are all important electronics to keep powered while you're traveling.

Electricity comes and goes, but one thing is for sure: you'll almost always have the sun. A solar charger is a reliable way to keep your essential electronics powered no matter where you are on earth.

8) Compressible Pillow

Some people like to travel with neck pillows. Neck pillows are ok, but they're still just neck pillows. A better option is a compressible pillow. Compressible pillows pack up smaller than neck pillows, but expand to nearly full-sized pillows. Neck pillows are good for plane rides and bus rides. A compressible pillow is not only useful on planes and buses, but also in your tent, on your hostel bed, or on the airport floor.

9) Waterproof case

Since you'll be spending a lot of time outside during your 11 months abroad, you'll want to keep your cell phone protected. A waterproof case really comes in handy not only against water, but dirt, dust, and sand as well.

Whether you get stuck in a sandstorm, thunderstorm, or drop your phone in a toilet, a waterproof case is a must-have. Avoid the hassle of trying to buy a new cell phone during your time abroad by finding a good waterproof case.

Why gear is important 

Finding the right gear to take on your World Race is important. It's not important because of what it does, but what it enables you to do. When you have the right gear with you, you don't have to worry about electricity, drinking water, or an infected cut on your foot. The right gear frees up your mind to focus on what's most important: serving in the name of Jesus.

Written by CJ