7 Questions to ask yourself after you return from your mission trip
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7 Questions to ask yourself after you return from your mission trip

7 Questions to ask yourself after you return from your mission trip

Whew! What an amazing mission trip. Now that you're home though, you may be seeing the world around you in a new way and with a fresh perspective. Some people call this reverse culture shock. Some say it's part of a “spiritual high” experience. Either way, your life was changed, but not for long.

What happens is that the motivation and energy we had on our trip runs out. We get drained as we reengage with our weekly routine. What makes things even harder is that the people we try to engage with, like our family and friends, just don't get it. If you tell them about your trip, they won't really understand. If you show them pictures they will say, “Oh yea, those are nice,” and that's about it.

Then the camaraderie you experienced with your team fades away as you go back to school or back to work. Before you know it, it's back to normal life. And your motivation, passion, mind, and heart all return to the way it was before you left. That is, unless you make intentional changes.

Did you know that the God that gave you an incredible experience overseas is that same God when you're at home? God is the same in Uganda, Argentina, and even the United States. It is you that changed and your eyes that were opened when you went overseas. Now that you know what He is capable of, it's time to bring it home.

To “bring it home” you have to be intentional. It won't just happen on its own. Ask yourself the following questions a few days after you get back from your trip. These questions will help make sure the life change that you experienced on your trip is lifelong.

1) What did I learn about myself during the trip?

2) What did I learn about God during the trip?

3) What changed in me during the trip?

4) What prompted the change?

5) What can I do now to nurture the change so that it sticks with me?

6) What have I learned about God's purpose for my life?

7) What steps can I take over the next month to shift my life to align with what I've learned about God's purpose for me?

Don't stop now

If you worked through all of these questions honestly, congratulations. You're making the most of the opportunity that God gave you. Don't stop now! Stay focused and begin to take the steps necessary to align what you've learned with God's purpose for your life. You can do it.

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Written by CJ and Teri